One piece of a puzzle

Things in life don’t always fit together. It can be a mess of broken and missing bits, bits that look like they belong to a different puzzle altogether, bits that look like part of a puzzle that surely- can’t be, and yet- surely makes up a picture of the inside of the compost bin.

When it does fit, even if temporarily, I think it is worth stopping and appreciating the pleasing sensation of tidiness and order. If I were superstitious I would worry about writing this next bit: my life kind of works at the moment.

I wanted to tell you about one particular piece that is making me happy. I wrote a while ago about having a new part time job. My job title is “Head of Communications” and my role involves creating content that will encourage, inform and hopefully inspire anyone who preaches, and then building relationships with people and organisations who the content might benefit.

I am in charge of a website, and a brand new magazine called Preach. The first issue came out last week, and you dear reader of my blog, may have a sneak peak of the e-version here: I’d love to hear what you think of it, particularly (just being truthful!) if what you think is nice things.

There are days when I get bogged down and demoralised and overwhelmed and frustrated with my life. Today I am of good cheer, and I wanted to mark the moment.