I am a writer, speaker and editor. I’ve written a few books and have been a regular contributor to LICC Connecting with Culture  and have written often for Stewardship, Bible Society, Scripture Union and BRF as well as appearing occasionally in other places. I was Director of Church Communications at CPO, a charity existing to help churches and other charities with their communication until June 2020 and now I am Director of Communications for A Rocha International.

When I’m not working, I love reading, planning holidays and making food for friends. I’d like to be the kind of person who could pop into the garden for green beans and strawberries for dinner but I’ve got a knack for killing even the most invincible plants. I live in Bath with my husband Shawn and our two daughters, Alexa and Charis.

In case all that wasn’t quite the information you were after, perhaps you’d like to know my Myers -Briggs profile is ENFJ, I have synesthesia which means I see numbers as colours, I get very grumpy when taken around shops, and my favourite time of day is bedtime.

And that picture on the left is me when I was two, running around in my dad’s sweater on a beach in Norway.