The short tale of the unwanted rat

There is a pet shop in Slough that is big and shiny like a supermarket, and mostly has animal accessories like baskets and toys and food and medicine.  There are also a few cages with sweet little rabbits and guinea pigs and some more expensive exotic pet things.  And on the far wall in the corner is what they call an “adoption centre” where there are a couple of unwanted pets that have been returned for whatever reason..  I sometimes go to this shop with Alexa, who is animal crazy, and the other day we were there and went along to say hello to the rejects.  There was a rat there, an unwanted rat, sitting in his cage hoping someone might want to take him home, away from the strip lighting and the noisy customers and the boredom. But on his cage there was a little notice, saying: “I am a rat.  My owners did not want me because I am always scratching my eye and it doesn’t look very nice.” Which I think may completely scupper his chances of being adopted.

The end.