Today in Numbers

There were lots of numbers in my day today.

Obviously I compulsively checked google analytics for my site statistics.

474 visits so far.

23 countries represented.

It was a sunny and hot day, probably a record for the time of year.  Most days are some kind of record, even if it is just for being outstandingly average.  The temperature in degrees celcius provides me with my third number:


A friend is training to be a life coach and she is practicing on me.  Today with had our first session, and we had

37 minutes

on the phone, which I felt was time well spent.

We have not had to buy Alexa any clothes so far.  Today someone brought round some stuff their daughter had grown out of, really lovely clothes.  In total,

3 bags full.

I had the radio on intermittantly, and the numbers coming out of Burma kept growing.  Our planet is a crazy place.  On my bit, the sun shines gently, and my daughter runs around in a friend’s back garden hopping in and out of the paddling pool with her little playmate.  Spin the globe around and land on another bit, and a storm has deprived countless people of drinking water, food, shelter and life.  As I write, the death toll is estimated at

100 000 people dead.

The numbers don’t add up.