Things that Went Down the Toilet Today

There are things I love about being a mother.  I love getting kisses.  I love having a funny, sweet, chatty little person to hang out with all day.  I love that all I need to feel luxuriously free and rested is having an hour or two without her.  I love lots of things.

What I don’t love so much is fishing things out of the toilet.  Today my little darling has deposited in this unsavoury location the following articles:

1 plastic donkey

2 hair elastics

1 tube of toothpaste

1 empty shampoo bottle taken from the bathroom rubbish bin (another issue we have)

1 toothbrush

1 pair of socks

And this was a day when the bathroom door was kept shut.  She is a model of using the smallest opportunities to the greatest effect.  That is the most positive spin I can put on things.