Wheaton College trip

I did finally make it to Chicago, a day late, but still in time for all three speaking engagements.

I was picked up by limousine from O’Hare airport (which looked disappointingly like a regular car) and when I discovered that my driver was from Ghana all sorts of ancient information floated to the top of my frazzled brain, so I was able to casually mention the name of the first leader after independence, the capital city and a couple of the major languages, which pleased him.

I was staying in the college guesthouse, and my first sight of my room actually stopped me in my tracks.  It is one of the nicest rooms I have ever stayed in, although my bed at home still remains the most comfortable bed ever made.  It had a working gas fire (that nearly took off my eye brows during the lighting process), a room-sized shower, another room for the sink, a room for the toilet and a room for the cupboard.  I kept expecting to be sent over to the student dorms where I belong!

The nicest bit of the trip was catching up with old Regent friends (Kristie and Debbie) and beginning to make some new ones.  The speaking: well, I did my best, and an hour ago i would have said it went really well, but then I listened to the recording and now I think it was a disaster!  But, as one of my new friends said, we give our loaves and fishes and God does the work of making it feed the hungry, so I hope and pray that however poor my delivery, God will use it to bless those struggling with depression and their supporters.

I got home on Saturday, and Alexa and Shawn were pleased to see me and I was very pleased to see them.  It seems they got on just fine without me, but are happy to have me home.

Thank you so much all of you who prayed for me and helped make this adventure happen.   I am grateful!