Extreme Makeover

This is a good story, so I hope you are sitting comfortably.  It all begins with a lady called Jan, who is training to be a life coach.  She is where we begin because I am one of her guinea-pigs, and during one of our coaching sessions she had the idea to send me on a weekend of speaker training run by friends of hers.  It was an extremely useful weekend, and that in itself would have been something of a makeover, as it really has improved my speaking style and delivery.  But on the weekend was a lady from my church, Jane, who suggested that I come and deliver my talks for Wheaton College at her housegroup for practice.

Last Wednesday I showed up and did my thing, and they were terribly helpful and encouraging, and prayed for me and made me feel very supported.  And then the next day I got a call- they had clubbed together and were giving me a substantial amount of money for clothes and a haircut, and one of the group happens to be a style and image consultant and she was to take me in hand.

So Friday evening Fi came round and made me lie on a piece of paper and be drawn around.  She did lots of measurements and figured out my proportions and colours and then told me about what skirt lengths and necklines and things are most flattering.  We went upstairs and she went through my clothes with all this in mind, and I am not allowed to wear three quarters of my clothing ever again.  Thank goodness for the shopping budget!

On Saturday we went shopping, an activity I usually avoid at all costs, but it was a total blast, and in five hours we bought:

2 pairs of trousers

1 skirt

1 coat

1 handbag

3 cardigans

2 tops

1 sweater

4 pairs of tights

1 necklace

and a pizza to go.  Tomorrow I have my hair cut, and the transformation will be complete.  Fi Ivin is a total pro, and you can find out more about her and her mysterious ways at www.imageimpact.co.uk.