Statistics and Real Life

I have been preparing my talk for New Wine this morning.  As part of my introduction I decided to say how depression is not only horrible but life threatening, and I found a statistic that said that suicide is the third highest cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds.  And then I moved on to make other points.

After a while I decided to check my email, and there in the inbox was a message waiting to tell me that at 4.30 pm yesterday the son of a much loved and respected mentor had taken his own life.  I am totally stunned and shaken.   That family is now living in a whole new universe.  Yesterday was pre-suicide and today and every day from now on is post-suicide.   The only response I have is to pray- wordlessly since there are no adequate words.  Will you pray too? For the family.  For everyone who is tempted to solve their pain by ending their life.  For me as I try to continue to prepare my talk about depression, reminded now of the deadly nature of this condition.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit…