Tamil Demonstration in Parliament Square

Last Saturday Alexa and I went into London with our Tamil neighbours to join the ongoing demonstration in Parliament Square.  Raj doesn’t know where his brother and neices are and is totally distraught by the conflict.  I went really to support their family, and I confess I am totally confused about what to believe about what is actually happening.  The Tamil story and the Sinhalese story are entirely different, and the situation seems incredibly messy.  I ended up being interviewed on Tamil TV, as one of the only white faces in the crowd, and I tried to say only what I could really hope for- that there be a ceasefire, that foreign journalists be given access to the country and that those in need be provided with medical supplies and food. No one disputes that huge numbers of people are suffering horrendously.

Since Saturday the news has been full of reports on Sri Lanka, mostly from the perspective of the government, and it seems the Tigers have been subdued.  I have no idea how to pray, and I am mostly thinking about how I can support my neighbours through their anguish, anger, and sense of powerlessness.   What they are going through is entirely beyond my experience and I am scared to even try and imagine it.  When they show me pictures on the internet of the dead and dying I am ashamed of my inadequate response and all I want to do is look away and think about nice, safe things like what to cook for supper.

So much more that could be said, but my thoughts are not particularly coherent.  Lord have mercy on Sri Lanka- may your will be done on earth as in heaven.  Amen.