How I survived 3 hours of quiet reflection and even quite enjoyed it

My church puts on regular afternoons to help people have space with God.  Lots of people go to these events as lots of people in my church are very spiritual and godly; I have never been.  I always thought they sounded boring.  Yes- I did write that, and no, I am not very spiritually mature!  But I actually did go to one this last weekend.  I delivered my little poppet to a nice family for a few hours, and went along to see if I could do the space thing.

The room was set up with a multitude of flowering pot plants and candles.  There were conveniently placed boxes of tissues, and chairs set out to provide islands of solitude.  I took a deep breath and determined to get into the zone.  I even took my shoes off and sat on the floor.  We were led, unobtrusively, in worship, prayer and meditation, and there was lots of silence.  I usually hate silence.  The thing is I don’t always find my own company very interesting.  I really enjoyed this silence though, and I think that is because I wasn’t stranded with myself, I had the company of Jesus.  I can honestly say, I felt like I spend the afternoon hanging out with Jesus.  And it was the best afternoon I have spent in a very long time.  Maybe I will try to make the next one.