Still Watching It

I have done Weightwatchers three times.  The first time was just after we moved back to England and I had gained a stone and a half in a couple of months from comfort eating to get me over the transition.  Second time was after having Alexa and eating for four hundred, and this time is after being pregnant with Charis.  I am managing to lose more this time round, and it appears to be showing, because the comments are coming thick and fast.  Now this is a mixed experience.  Of course I am encouraged and spurred on to discover that my reducing fat is noticeable.  I would be a bit miffed if I it didn’t  cause just a tiny stir.  But, the flip side is that I am now aware that a small army of people is monitoring my fluctuating size, and I feel watched.  Also, I don’t want to start feeling too pleased with myself, because I want to keep going to my ultimate goal- size zero.  Okay, maybe not size zero, but a ten would be nice.

So now if you see me and I look thinner than when you last saw me, you will be in a quandry!  What to say? Afraid I can’t help you- you are between a rock and a hard place.