My Shrink Came to Stay…

So anyway, my psychiatrist came to stay for a few days…and it was very nice actually.

She and my adopted godmother have been spending their retirement having adventures in a camper-van and on a boat and in under canvass in African game-parks, and they came for a visit to Chalfont St Peter last week.  Judith and I only ever saw each other in her office, where I would sit on her green sofa and talk about myself and cry, so I didn’t know much about her.  Turns out she’s super-interesting and fun, which I always suspected she would be.

I asked her to give me an MOT, because things have been feeling a bit jangly under the hood lately.  It didn’t take her very long to get to the core issues.  It seems that I am still dealing with the same old ghouls of yore- anger and low self-worth.  The amazing thing was how helpful it was to receive her insight.  The engine is running smoothly again.

I have often wished I could clone Judith and give a copy of her to everyone I know.  She’s a (retired) world-class psychiatrist, and now I know she’s a top notch house-guest too.

How would you feel if your therapist came to stay?