Rocket Girl

This week I had a very exciting package arrive at the door- a box of baby veggy plants from Rocket Gardens.  The girls and I spent the afternoon settling them into their new home, and making them feel welcome.   In our small backyard, we now have the potential to produce tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach, courgettes, pumpkins, borlotti beans, runner beans, carrots, peas, mangetout, strawberries, potatoes, red and green lettuce, and beetroot, to add to the chives, rosemary, thyme, sage, bay tree, marjoram, basil and nectarine tree that we already had.  This makes my blood fizz with delight! I am even dreaming about it.  With a little bit of water, compost and weeding, these little plants are out there fruitfully and peacefully growing away, as God intended them to do.

I think there is a lot about gardening that is wonderful for mental health.  It involves fairly brainless, physical tasks which as well as being good exercise, producing endorphins, gives a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  Looking after another life form, even one as simple as a plant, moves our focus away from our own bottomless needs.  It reminds us of what is wholesome, healthy and beautiful in this life, and that God is the great provider.

So if you are in a dark place, get ye to a garden centre and pick up a plant or two.  Every little helps…