Where it all happens

I recently came across THIS blog post by Donald Miller, a writer I greatly admire, about the question of where to write.  The fact is, writing as a job is not really all that glamorous.  Sometimes as a writer you have to compromise on your setting, let go of your mountainous, oceanic, foresty dreams and just start typing.

Take today.  I have to come up with a lot of ideas and write them all down.  I would usually work in the front room, which is actually not too bad as a creative space; it has light, and some interesting art on the walls, a monk-ish desk and my grandpa’s armchair. But today there is a screaming, grinding, whizzing noise right outside as the neighbours get their bay window replaced.  And it is kind of cold, although the sun is shining.

So I have relocated to the conservatory where the sun is.  It is sunny, that is good.  But it is also where the cat eats and she has awful table manners- there are congealed left overs all over the floor (on a side note, apparently this cat food is “As good as it looks!” Er, yes.) And it is where things go when they need to go to the shed and we can’t be bothered to take them all that way.  I am having creative thoughts beside an electric fan, a child’s flotation device and a big wire star-shaped candle holder among other things.  And, what really makes this a terrible place to write is the huge fridge/freezer that doesn’t fit in the kitchen.  It is humming with the effort of staying cold and it is quite clearly communicating the fact that there are yummy things within it that would like to be eaten.

But sometimes the writing just needs to happen, regardless.

So writterly people out there: where do you write and do you think your environment impacts on the quality of what hits the screen?