Change afoot

Since I last posted, there’s been a few changes in my working life. I’ll tell you about them but first – a little context.

Over the past couple of years, I have had some angst about being freelance. I’ve struggled with the constant need to create opportunities for myself, hunt down work, “market” myself. I have wondered what it was all for, what the bigger goal of it was since I really didn’t want to be building myself into an enterprise. Like most of us, I don’t enjoy rejection, and with freelance work, rejection is par for the course; every time you pitch a new book idea or article, you risk it being turned down. In positive moments I have felt incredibly blessed to have work that I love and hours I can control and amazed at the doors that have opened as well as the ones that have slammed shut.

At the end of November, someone I’d worked with before from Bible Society got in touch and asked me if I’d be interested in a very part time role doing communications, if he could get the funding for it. I was amazed at how excited I felt by the thought of being part of something bigger than myself.

Well, the funding wasn’t forthcoming. That sucked. But after getting the news, in mid-December, I decided to have a little look online for communications jobs in the Christian/ charity sector. I hadn’t really known what such a job would involve, let alone consider I’d be qualified to do it, so I was curious if there were other vacancies around. I found an ad posted by a recruitment agency, and gave them a call to find out more. It turned out the closing date had passed, but I was advised to send over a CV just in case they didn’t hire this round.

Three hours later, I had been shortlisted, and on January 13th, I began work. So now I am Head of Communications for a charity called The Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust ( It exists to support and resource preachers and my job is all the content needed to fulfil that aim- a quarterly magazine, a website and potentially training and networking events.  I’m working 20 hours a week, mostly from home, and one week in I LOVE IT!! There’s a lot to do- what we provide is very basic at the moment- but the potential is huge. I will need help from writers and preachers and any ideas and thoughts very welcome. In due course I’ll write a post specifically about how you might contribute.

I am still editing Closer to God. I am still brewing another book (more on that soon). I still have a busy speaking schedule. But the pressures and stresses I began this post talking about have lifted.

What are your thoughts about freelance versus employment? Any changes in your working pattern lately? Any ideas you want to give me about what might be useful for preachers?