Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Alexa has a few important friends lying around the house.  Today I thought I would round some of them up and introduce them.  I am not in the mood for anything more intense than that and anyway, they are an interesting crowd and worth bringing to your attention.

Tadbit is a pale green toweling frog and he lives in the cot.  Alexa has slept with him every night since she was born, and although we have washed him several times he has kind of a funky smell from having his limbs affectionately chewed.  He came from Shawn’s cousin in the States and we really need to organise to have another one sent over as I hate to think what devastation his loss would cause.

Poppy and Rose are hand-knitted bears with long legs and pink scarves.  I think of them as elderly spinster sisters. They were made by our friend Anne who we love, so we love the bears too.  Which is not to say they are not loveable on their own merit.

Baby Annabel has become more important lately.  She came at Christmas, from Auntie Esther and Uncle Rob and was largely neglected until the last few weeks.  Now she gets carted around in a little push chair, fed “tea” and reprimanded harshly (“NO! No! No!” said with a waggling finger.  Is this how she thinks mothers behave?).

Christine the sheep can be ridden, which makes her a very good friend.  She has can be rolled or rocked: a rock and roll sheep you might say.  She was the generous gift of Auntie Bethie, named by soon-to-be uncle Matt.

The originally named “Bear”  (pronounced by Alexa as “Bah”) is a deluxe Disney Pooh Bear with a knitted hoody that I covet in my own size.  He is good for a cuddle and a wrestle and otherwise sits about looking well made and smug about his quality clothing.  He was a present from our friends the Dennisons.

I think that Alexa might include Ella the Cat in this list.  Ella is a real life kitty, and probably the greatest source of joy and delight in my daughter’s life.  I don’t know that Ella would say the same thing about Alexa.

And that is the gang.  I hope you enjoyed making their acquaintance.