Analytics anonymous

So I signed up to this thing, Google Analytics, and now I am an addict and I need help.

You log on and it tells you how many hits your website has had, and it plots it on a graph.  You can see which countries your visitors have come from, and how they found your site.  It tells you how much time each person spends there and how many pages they looked at.   You might think this sounds harmless- a few helpful statistics to brighten (or darken) your day, a simple tool to help you monitor the progress of your online endeavours.  And maybe for some this is all it is. The information is only updated every 24 hours, so really it is self limiting.  But as the update time approaches I get a bit fidgety and distracted.  I circle the laptop, pretending not to heed its compelling call: “Come and find out what you amount to today!” And then I do it, trancelike, suckered in to yet another unhelpful and foolish marker of self worth to add to book sales, compliments, facebook friends, the week’s weightwatcher’s total (16 lb and counting fyi)… Oh how tempting it is to adopt such measurable markers of my value.

Ephesians tells me I am God’s adopted child, loved, blessed, forgiven.  I am chosen, I have purpose and I have hope.  None of these things can be plotted on a graph, and none of these things will ever change.  How I long to REALLY be rooted in the knowledge of who I am in my heavenly father.

I’m not, not yet.  Does anyone know of a help group for people addicted to google analytics?

One thought on “Analytics anonymous”

  1. Katy Walton says:

    I know exactly what you mean. While I don’t use GA very much, I am constantly checking my own stats on WordPress. But you are so right. God’s love for His adopted sons cannot be plotted on a graph. Next time I check my stats, I will try to remember that!

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