Evil Genius

Alexa has surpassed herself today.  It all began when I decided to risk taking a bath this morning while she “pottered” around harmlessly.  Ha ha.  She climbed onto the toilet seat and found my sister’s eyeliner which she used to draw all over the toilet.  I confiscated it, so she went and got the TV remote and tried to chuck it into the water.  When I went upstairs to get dressed, she beetled into Shawn’s study and poured coke all over his computer keyboard.  He is away and I haven’t told him yet.  We are going to be in trouble for that one, Alexa and I.  And it has all gone on from there really.  As I write she is stripping a pot plant of its leaves and eating them.  And she distributed pieces of muffin all around the room just prior to climbing onto the windowsill and trying to break the radio.  She is totally out of control.