Ode to my husband

I have been known to complain about coca cola consumption, excessive computer usage, and the habit of leaving dirty dishes on top of the dish washer, but overall, I am married to an AMAZING man.  I could give you lots of examples but here is one fresh from today.

The background to this story is that I grew up in a community situation: my family plus lots of other people plus lots of animals.  I loved it, and I miss it.  So, to me the more the merrier.  Shawn is more of an introvert and needs his space.  A further piece of information you might need is that despite this, he has welcomed all sorts of extras into our home since we got married.  Most recently, we had my youngest sister living with us for a year.  She left last week.

Today I got an email from a Polish friend.  She needs a place to live for a couple of months.  I debated whether to tell Shawn this, since we had said it would be a good thing to get our famly space back for a bit.  But, our principle has always been to have an open door to anyone who needs it.  And he went for it! I love this man!!  We haven’t told her yet, so hopefully she won’t check the blog in the next half hour.