Travelling Companions

It struck me that I met an awful lot of interesting people on my journeys last week, so I thought I would tell you about some of them as I sit here enjoying the first quiet moments of the day- Alexa is asleep!- and a glass of above-standard (above my standard anyway) red.

The first people I met in the very long, very slow approach to the ironically named “quick bag drop” at Heathrow airport.  I had two hours in their company as we covered about fifty feet of ground.  Half way along they missed their flight, which would  have caused me to start making trouble, but they were pretty calm about it, and seemed to enjoy the opportunity to complain without getting upset.  They have since found my website and been in touch- so “hello airport friends!”

On the flight I sat next to an Indian lady who spoke minimal English.  We smiled at each other and I helped her with her immigration forms.  When we had landed she wrote down her address in Delhi and said “You are very nice.”

The driver that picked me up from O’Hare was originally from Ghana, and I managed to dredge up some long forgotten Ghanaian trivia from African Studies days despite the travel fatigue, which was gratifying for both of us.  For example, did you know that Nkruma was the first leader after independence?

On the way home I met a nice lady moving to Uganda to look after orphans (now my facebook friend- hi Rita!), an EXTREMELY chatty man from Beirut, and a guy travelling to England to propose to his girlfriend (I hope she said yes Kurt…).

You have to be careful if you talk to me on public transport- you might find you end up in a blog entry….