The best laid plans…

It is a bit surprising to find myself at home- I ought to have been fastening my seat belt for take off right around now.  It seems that England stops when it snows.  There are no flights going in or out of Heathrow today, no buses or trains, no schools open (spare a thought for my friend Ally who has four hyperactive offspring disrupting her plans for the day)- nothing going on at all except for snowman building and blogging, in my case.

So I will be leaving for Chicago tomorrow, which is not the end of the world at all, and the change of plans has got me philosophising.  I have been thinking about how rarely my plans get disrupted.  Most of the time I decide to do something, and then it unfolds exactly as I had pictured it would.  I have the illusion, therefore, that I am in control of my circumstances, when in actual fact I am at the mercy of the climate, the political situation, my health, and any number of other unknowns.  Most of the world is constantly disrupted by all of the above and not merely inconvenienced, but crippled, crushed and even destroyed.

I am a long way from understanding quite what this really means, and I can’t claim that my temporary delay has given me any true insight into anyone else’s world, but you won’t hear me complaining (at least not until I find my flight cancelled again tomorrow, and then I will let rip!).

May God be with all whose plans are disrupted today, and comfort those who can only dream of mere inconvenience.  Amen.