The Near-Death Experiences of Basil

Poor Basil.

When he came home from Tesco with me he was probably relieved to be plucked off the shelf and taken to his new life, where he could fulfill his purpose and liven up pasta dishes and salads with that summer pungency with which he’d been created to bless the world.

But he didn’t know, (how could he have known? He is just a plant after all) that I would be the guardian of his health and well being, and that I would read the instructions on his wrapper and follow them to the letter: “Do not water until the leaves wilt.” Thus, Basil is consigned to a life lived in uncomfortable proximity to death, and there are no guarentees that he will last out the summer.

When your life seems bleak, think of Basil, and know that he probably has it worse than you do.