Potty Training

It must be really strange having to figure out the physical feeling that means you need to eliminate some waste (it is hard to be delicate about this subject, but I’m going to try).  I know I should be more understanding, but I after only three days, I am getting fed up of scrubbing accidents out of the carpet and rinsing out soggy clothing. All that is keeping me going is the thought of no more nappies- at least until October anyway.

We went round to our friends’ house to play the other day.  James is also two, and I was looking forward to showing off Alexa’s new-found maturity.   She had six accidents before lunch, five of which thankfully in the garden, and then we put her nappy back on.

When it goes to plan and she achieves something major in the right place (I am attempting to spare you a bit here), another problem presents itself.  While I am celebrating and delighting in her accomplishment, I am also battling the urge to throw up. Why this should be worse than changing a dirty nappy I don’t know, but believe me, it is.

On another note entirely, I should find out today whether I have a new book contract.  I’ll keep you posted.