New Wine

I have to say that my seminar on Thursday was overall a bit of an ordeal.  First off, I had to drive two and a half hours in rain that made the road and all the other road users disappear.  I prayed all the way that I wouldn’t die, whilst writing news headlines (“Pregnant mother and two year old killed in tragic road accident” etc).  We made it safely to Bath, where we stayed with my uncle and cousins overnight, a night in which Alexa woke twice and snored in between, ensuring I felt tired and wobbley for my big day.  Then when I got out of bed, I realised I had a stabbing pain in my hip.  Hip hip hooray.  I went off to Shepton Mallet feeling an emotional and physical wreck, and wept on anyone who was nice to me.  I even tried to bribe someone to stand in for me and read out my notes from the front.

But here is the thing.  I seem to keep having to learn that it is in our weakness that God’s strength is at work, because when it came to four o clock and i had to go ahead and speak, God held me together, and I got through it.  More than that- what I said seemed to be helpful.  And there was an atmosphere of such vulnerability and trust.  I was amazed at the courage of the people that came forward to share their stories for the benefit of others- it was truly moving and very humbling.  Ever since I have been reflecting on the fact that there is NO ONE too broken and bruised for God to reach and to comfort.  And it is so important that all of us, no matter what state we are in, have a voice and a home and a safe place to be amongst fellow Chrisitans.

So thank you to all of you who prayed me through this seminar, and PLEASE pray on Friday when I  have to go through it all over again (groan!).  It makes me feel like a jar of peanut butter being spread over a giant piece of brown bread for lots of people to eat, and I don’t really enjoy the feeling all that much!

Until the next time xx