Apparently the post-holiday sense of well-being doesn’t last too long. We got back from the mountains above Evian two days ago. I am still feeling the benefits; I am moving and thinking more slowly, I am quieter inside- less jumpy and reactive, I am feeling connected to my children, my husband, the great outdoors and God. This will no doubt all wear off, and I’ll be back to my hectic faffing around.

I have been thinking though about what is different about how I pass my days on holiday and in my normal life. Obviously I eat more croissants and drink more wine. I sleep and read more. I plan less, and take longer to do the little I do plan. But I think the key difference is unplugging from distracting devices.

When we walked through our front door, I gravitated to my computer like a homing pigeon coming into roost, setting down on the old perch and pecking away at nothing in particular. The girls bombed straight through the house and out the other side to check how much their peas had grown.

It made me think. Actually it made me turn off the machine after glancing at only 20 not urgent emails and notifications. And after two days I am still more or less on top of the compulsion to check in online. It feels good. It is part of my post-holiday well-being. And maybe it will last a couple more days.

Over to you: do you go online on holiday? If not, is it painful or refreshing? If so, do you think it is fine, or do you do it a bit guiltily?