Feasting and Fasting

map of thanksgiving dinner

(credit: static.neatorama.com)

Last Thursday, in case you were unaware, was American Thanksgiving.  This is not usually a ‘thing’ in our
household, but this year we were invited by some new friends to celebrate with them.  We had a few Bible readings about thankfulness, said some prayers, went round the table saying what we were grateful for- but really, let’s be honest, the occasion was about eating.  I personally stacked away the following:

Two helpings of turkey, two helpings of stuffing, two helpings of mashed sweet potato,normal mashed potato, green beans with mushrooms, wild rice casserole, gravy,and cranberry sauce.

Deep breath. Short pause.


…key lime pie, ice cream pumpkin pie (easier on the English palette than plain old pumpkin pie, but still a little strange-tasting), pecan pie with ice cream- and sure, I’ll find room for another helping of pecan pie. Why not? It’s Thanksgiving.

Today I had nothing for breakfast, nothing for lunch and a piece of salmon and some cabbage for dinner. I’ve been doingthe 5/2 diet since the summer, and I have got into the rhythm of drastically cutting back on food a couple of days a week.

Feasting is a wonderful thing, but it is not for every day. There are days when it is good to feel the craving and refuse to feed it, to assert mastery over the appetite, to remember that the four o clock gnaw and growl of an empty stomach is the all day, all night reality for many who share my planet.

I love feasting. But I am finding I also love fasting.

How about you? Are you a feaster and a faster, or an everything-in-moderation kind of person?