Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas to all you neglected blog readers, and I am sorry for the dearth of new reading material on my on-line home.  I have not figured out how to do more than the bare necessities of life with two small children yet, and as I sit here with a small window of peace I am aware of about twenty three thousand two hundred and six and a half other jobs that I ought to be doing instead of this post(approximately).

I’d like to say that Christmas with a newborn baby was profoundly meaningful and intensely spiritual.  It was more a case of 3 am plea bargains (Lord if you make her stop screaming I’ll read my Bible more!) and trying to shove all that lovely festive food down between feeds, nappy changes and doing that deep knee bob that seemed to be the only way to stop her crying. But I couldn’t help but have a new sympathy with Mary adjusting to motherhood away from home, in a dirty stable and with strange visitors barging in at all times of day and night.  And I am sure that the little Lord Jesus did some crying make, because after all he was a human baby as well as being God.  Don’t think I will ever get my head around that one.

Got to run.  Back soon.  Thanks for reading.  xxx