Buses, babies and going quietly bonkers

The buses referred to in my attempt at an intriguing title for this blog entry are those ones that don’t come along forever and then come in threes.  I have spent the last two years throwing myself in an undignified fashion at a plenitude of editors, conference organisers, publishers, radio stations and only now, when I am dizzy with sleep deprivation and shackled to the infinite needs of a newborn and a toddler do the opportunities come knocking my door down. Since Charis came along three weeks ago  I have had to turn down a magazine article, some Bible notes, a student conference, and an hour long TV slot.  What are the chances? Ecclesiastes says there is a season for everything.  I am trying to gracefully accept another season of intensive childcare and domesticity.  Children are a gift from God- they are his reward (Psalm 127 v. 3).  I remind myself of this frequently.

On that front,  Charis and I are checking out the Gina Ford school of thought on feeding and sleeping routines. For some reason this is a little controversial, but so far it seems to suit us very well to have a plan for each day.  The nights have been hit and miss- more miss than hit- but she’s only three weeks old, so we’ll not label her a bad sleeper just yet.  I have had my parents here for the week after Shawn’s paternity leave ended, and have been able to take daytime naps.  When reality hits in the next few days who knows what state I will be in.

My posts are going to be on the short side for a while.  There has been a nappy explosion that needs attending to.  Got to run.