Beware the Grumpy Pregnant Lady

I have woken up feeling ferociously grumpy today, which means Alexa has no knots in her hair and I am putting off having my prayer time in case I snap at God.  Don’t even get me started on how mad I am with Shawn for getting a good night’s sleep and not being the one who has to carry this baby around all day.  I need to cry and I need to eat a big bit of cake and I need a ghost writer to take over doing my new book because what the heck do I know about spiritual disciplines? Nada.

There is this brilliant Scrubs episode that shows a bad mood being spread person to person throughout the hospital.  I think I could well be initiating a web version of the same phenomenon as I can’t see how anyone reading this unedifying post could proceed with their day without a dip in spirits.  Unless you can all see the funny side that I am missing?