Busy Angels on the M4

Last thursday Alexa, the bump and I were heading home from Wales (Shawn having left on sabbatical a few days earlier).  I don’t particularly like driving long distances and I was glad that we had broken the back of it.  Going at 75 mph along the M4, suddenly there was a large piece of wood directly in front of the car- possibly a railway sleeper, or construction timber.  There was no time to think- I slowed slightly and went over it, watching it break into pieces and fly into the cars behind, along with our hub caps.

A moment later we pulled onto the hard shoulder, along with around five other cars.  Somehow, flying debris on a busy motorway had failed to cause anyone to crash into anyone else.  We were all fine.  My car was a bit dinged up, so the two ladies in the car behind advised me to stay in the hard shoulder and come off at the next exit to find a garage.

Being a girl, and an emotional one, and a very pregnant one with a toddler in the car, I was in floods of tears by this point, and so I pulled into the first pub I came to.  The kind man behind the bar called his mate at the local garage and made me sugary tea and gave Alexa juice and snacks- I wasn’t too upset to be unable to appreciate free stuff.  Actually Alexa repaid him by providing entertainment for his customers in the form of dance and drama for the next half hour.  Then a lovely older couple drove with me to get the car looked at.

The upshot was that the garage was able to beat the car back into shape- literally- and we made it home that evening in one piece. It was all far less of an incident than it might have been and I am just incredibly grateful that it turns out my time wasn’t up last week.