Feeling Exposed for Dodgy Mental Health

Every year the churches in our area put on a week of free children’s activities as a way of serving the community.  It is a huge undertaking and takes bucket loads of volunteers and donations and planning.  Last year I was heavily pregnant, so I posted Alexa into the toddler tent and sat on my bum in the cafe eating cake.  This year I have signed up to help.  The sign up sheet asked me if I  had been on treatment for depression lately.  I really didn’t like being asked that.  I rather defensively scrawled in the margin, “Yes- and it is VERY effective.”  I didn’t like it because I felt like they were asking it to see if I am a competent and reliable human being and I felt judged.  Maybe that is the residue of my own stigma.  But really- did they need to know that?