The Price for Having it All?

This week Daily Mail columnist Allison Pearson confessed to having joined the depressed and medicated club in her nationally read piece and all sympathy broke loose.  The media has been awash with follow up articles examining the desperate and unsustainable plight of the modern woman trying to be a career woman, a mother and a human being.  Pearson’s moving and honest words could have been written by a million others and I am sure will have elicited sighs of recognition across the Daily-Mail-reading Land.

So is our mental health the price we pay for trying to have it all? It would not surprise me.  Part of how I have learnt to keep my depression at bay is living well within my limitations most of the time.   I am trying to think about life in terms of seasons- right now is my season for mothering small children (and the small matter of the book due in six weeks.  I feel the blues close in as I think about it, so I don’t!).  Why is it so hard to accept that it is not possible to do everything at the same time, and whoever told us that we could? Something has to give, be it the quality of our work, the hygiene of our homes, the relationship we have with our kids, or our sanity.

Or does it? What do you think?