Breath In, Breath Out

I hope to achieve the following by the end of June:

-Finish God Hunting and send it to the publishers (I have currently done just over half of the first draft.  I am hoping my editor won’t read this- there is no point her getting all stressed over it too).

-Move into the new house that our church is buying for us to live in.  Hooray 🙂 And yet, oh so much to do! The last time I moved I did it with suitcases.  Now we need a whole lorry for our stuff.

-Write two sets of Bible notes for SU, and do two speaking engagements.

-Get Charis eating chicken, fish and lentils.  She likes fruit, veg and cereals A LOT so hopefully this won’t be too much of a problem.

-Visit my sister in the North of England and cuddle her new baby who is due to arrive at the start of June.

-Get to my WeightWatchers goal weight in time for summer clothing.  We are going to need summer clothing in England this year.  We are going to get a summer.  We are owed one, and we will have one.  I believe.

Now I am going to go and unload the dishwasher, because as well as those big things, there are a whole lot of little things that need doing too.