Healthy Couch Potatoes

I subsribe to Psychologies magazine, and this month there was a huge section on therapy.  You see, here in England we STILL need to be convinced that a) talk therapies are effective and b) that it is not self-indulgent/ embarassing/ and pathetic to see a therapist.  This makes me cross.  Why do we need to have the point of therapy explained to us (article number 1), why do we have so many questions we are afraid to ask (article number 2), why are we so ignorant about the schools of therapy, and stuck for where to find one (article 3)? I am glad that Psychologies has tackled this subject area so thoroughly, although I can’t help wondering if they are wasting their time trying to convince the sort of people who buy a magazine called Psychologies! If it was in the Sunday Times or the Independent that would be another thing.

I personally think that there is no one on the planet who wouldn’t benefit from a good therapist.  If I could clone my wonderful Judith and give her out to all my friends and family I would.  Failing the technology to do so (and unsure of the ethics), I can still direct them to as a good place to start.