All in a Morning’s Chaos

This morning was too hilariously horrible not to tell you about it.

First thing to happen was that as I put the kettle on, Charis pulled a wine glass off the counter and it smashed into a million pieces.  As I was putting the bits into the bin, I knocked our compost container sitting next to it, and a family of maggots fell out and dispersed around the kitchen (I told you it was bad!).  I couldn’t find socks for Alexa, I had no bread to make her a sandwich for her packed lunch so had to give her left over pizza (“but I wanted a sandwich…weep, wail, gnash etc”), then she wanted to take a doll for show and tell, and disappeared just as we were finally leaving the house to put shoes on it.  Of course a doll with shoes on needs to walk, so it took us 15 minutes instead of 6 to get to her nursery school (the doll has short legs and can’t walk very fast you see).  By the time we got there, Charis was yelling because it was windy and she hates being in the buggy with nothing to eat, and I was cross and had the beginnings of a stress headache.

The reason I am laughing not crying is that I left Alexa at nursery and then I took Charis to my friend Rachael’s house, and it is all a distant memory (apart from the maggots which still need rounding up.  I am prioritising here- blog before pest control).  Thngs can only get better!