I alluded to some work opportunities in my last post, and I thought that while the girls watch some early morning telly I would catch you up on the details.

At the moment I am working on an article for the Church Times, four mini-articles for the Parish Pump, a two week series of Bible notes on Genesis for Daily Bread, a one week series on Mark for Closer to God, an article on being a professional Christian for Youthwork and a discussion guide for God Hunting.  I am planning my launch events for God Hunting, preparing for two women’s breakfasts, and a module on depression for an Anglican lay course,  fulfilling comittements to Lyfe, which I am promoting this year, and I have recently been asked to be the editor of a daily Bible notes publication (can’t tell you which yet- still confidential…).

I feel so blessed to have this work to do, which I love and find interesting and fulfilling, and also to be able to be a more or less full time mother.  Sometimes it seems to fit into one life, and other times it is a bit of a squeeze.  Helps that Charis has now had three full nights’ sleep in a row, because it is definately harder to tackle when I’m tired.

Going for a run now, if I can pursuade Shawn to wake up and take over the kids 🙂