Are Holidays Good For You?

Holidays are generally agreed to be a good thing.  We plan for them, spend hard-earned cash on them, look forward to them and  consider them highlights of the annual calendar, sitting there in the schedule like a petrol station on a long journey- neccessary to health, stamina and well being.

We have just been to Pembrokeshire on the annual family jolly- 16 of us in the same house for a week at the seaside.  Was it good for me? Yes, in the sense that I had quality connection time with the fam, I jumped the tracks of my habitual inner monologues, I looked at my world from a different perspective, I swam and ran and read and thanks to my saintly siblings slept in late every morning.  I slowed down and rested and as a result I feel good to keep going for the next stretch of life.  What’s not to like?

Well, for starters, as much as I always intend to keep tabs on my eating a bit on vacation, that always goes out the window with the opening of the first bag of crisps and the four o clock appearance of the cake tin.  My holiday indulgences- chocolate, alcohol, crusty bread and unneccessary amounts of butter, interesting cheese, second helpings of everything, icecream, cake- none of these are particularly good for me.  The scales are not my friend right now.

Then there’s the fact that although I always pack my Bible, I seldom read it on holiday.  I take a break from everything including God- which I know is not ideal, and I am really not sure why I do it, other than the fact that general laziness takes over, and anything requiring discipline goes awol.

And for some reason, it takes me a while to settle into being at home again.  I feel grey and detached, and there’s all the sandy shoes to sort out, and the phone messages to respond to, and the sad, parched plants to revive.  The girls don’t sleep well for a few nights, the cat welcomes us back by purring in our faces through the small hours, and there is no food in the fridge (maybe not such a bad thing- see above).

But all in all, I still think holidays are a good thing.  Infact, I have started scheming about the next one.

Do holidays do you good? And, as I’m sure your hairdresser will have asked you lately, where are you going on yours this year?