A few of my favourite things

End of holiday blues? Cloudy skies? An awkward exchange at the end of church yesterday? Whatever the reason, feeling a bit bleugh.¬† Going to list my favourite things- it worked for Maria ūüôā

1. Things growing in my garden, particularly ones that I can, in time, eat.  Love, love, love watching it all sprouting away out there.

2. When my little girls make each other giggle- it gives me a chemical high I swear!

3. The colour of the sea when the sky is blue.  Insanely perfect.  Well done God!

4. Opening an email that contains a writing commission- whoop!

5. Bedtime.¬† Especially if I have a good book on the go to send me off to my dreams.¬† Reading “The American Wife” by Curtis Sittenfeld right now, which definitely qualifies.

6. A meaty and substantial conversation, like the one I had with Shawn in the car the other day.

7.¬†Reunions with my family.¬† I don’t mean to brag but I have the best parents and siblings in the entire world.

8. Cornish pasties.  I had a revelation while we were on holidays.  Real pasties from a bakery in Cornwall are really rather nice.  Who knew?

9. Going running along cliff paths when you have been running for months around the same boring routes in your home town.

10. Getting special treatment.¬† Like today, I had coffee and worked on some¬†Bible notes I’m writing ¬†all morning in a pub that was closed and I was the only person they let in.¬† Even when a crowd of football fans started banging on the doors and windows.¬† Was a bit scary, but I have to confess I felt a bit superior and special!

What would be on your list?