A Peek Inside the Messy Mind of Jo

I am waiting for news from a publisher of children’s stories (will tell all when more to tell), my friend Rachael’s baby to arrive, replies to the 150 emails I have sent in the last few days.  I am wondering if there has been a general agreement not to reply to email anymore that no one told me about.

I am worried about how many tantrums Charis is having, and whether anyone, including me, will still like her when she comes out of this phase (please let it be a phase! Please let her come out of it!).

I am happy about my new dress.  I am wearing it now and I really like it a lot.  I am also happy about important and profound things like the love of God of course.

I am grateful for all the people who wrote to me to say kind things about my Greenbelt seminar. It
is always a vulnerable-making thing talking publically about depression, but it
is all worthwhile if it makes people feel less alone. Also grateful for Donata,
an Italian girl who has arrived from heaven to help me with the girls for the
month of September. I am beginning to wonder if she is actually an angel, and
will disappear in a blaze of light instead of boarding a Ryan air flight to
Milan on the 26th.

I am working on Closer to God, a new book proposal and an article for Christianity.
Also working on developing patience, losing weight and being a less
snarky wife.

Iam enjoying making new friends and spending time with old ones.
going on in your head?