Between worlds

Today we took the girls to look round the new house and measure up for curtains and all that jazz.  It was a sunny day (hooray!!) and we had a very happy time imagining where all our stuff would go and what it would be like living there.  It is a semi, built in the late 19th century, with lots of character (read: funny bulges in the walls where fires used to be, and twirly metal bits around the ceilings).  Everything is painted white and it feels spacious and light.  It was a fun day.

Since we told everyone here we were going, we have had a lot of the same kind of conversations.  When someone approaches to talk to us about it we have to judge where we’re going with our tone- we have to match the sadness or the excitement of the face in front of us, and of course we feel both, so it is just a question of what we lead with.  It is an ambivalent time.  And man is it dragging.  I am definitly a rip-it-off kind of girl, and I want to be getting on with the move.  I don’t want to be juggling sadness and excitement in myself or in my friends and church family, and malingering around the place half here and half not for another four months.

Whatever I want, that is what we are doing, and I promise I won’t use my blog to whine about it- after this post anyway.  But just so you know, this is not a comfortable place to stand.  I feel like I am doing the splits.  That is all.