New soil

I haven’t blogged for ages and this is mostly due to the fact that one of my major preoccupations had to be confidential.  I can now spill the beans: the Swinney family is transplanting to Surbiton in Surrey in the summer for Shawn to take up a new role as Associate Minister at Christ Church (see here).

We have been in Chalfont St Peter for almost nine years, which is longer than either Shawn or I have lived anywhere (more than twice as long).  We had our kids here.  I became a writer and Shawn became a reverend.  We have put down roots and become familiar faces.  We see people we know in shops.  I have made my itchy feet stand still and learnt the value of slow growing loyalties.

I am excited and scared by our move.  And now I can write about it, I will.

More soon.

Jo x