The Whole Christmas Story  (BRF, 2021)

Advent is a time to remember and reflect on the Christmas story and the baby at its heart. But the virgin birth, the manger, the mysterious eastern visitors and their portentous gifts – all these hint at a much grander narrative. Come and explore the whole Christmas story, and find your place within it.

Home (Hodder & Stoughton, 2017)

What and where is home? Many of us have no idea how to answer that question, but as humans we have a fundamental need to know where we belong. HOME is the story of how Jo’s understanding of home grew to incorporate family, culture, city, house, and heaven via 25 house moves in five countries and a whole lot of homesickness.

40 Days: Matthew (Scripture Union, 2016)

40 Days is a journal to help you to make space for God amidst the busyness and chaos of everyday life. With Bible text, thoughtful comment, challenging questions and space for you to think, write, draw and pray; 40 Days: Matthew gives you the chance to rediscover Jesus and all that he has for you.

Keeping Faith (Scripture Union, 2012

What if your children don’t choose faith in Christ? What if they walk away from church? Jo Swinney and Katharine Hill take a down-to-earth look at these painful questions. Honest and real, Keeping faith explores the experiences of Christian parents with adult children – who have decided, for now, that faith isn’t for them. 

God Hunting (Scripture Union, 2011)

Life is often busy and noisy, and our relationship with God can be neglected. When Jo realised she was struggling to read her Bible and pray in the way she had done in life before work, small children and marriage to a church leader took over, she decided to experiment. God Hunting is a journal of six months she spent trying new ways of approaching ancient spiritual practices such as fasting, journaling and silence.

Cheerful Madness (Monarch, 2008)

What does it take for a couple to go from dating to engagement? As we all know, there isn’t a formula to help us make such a massive decision. In this book, 11 couples tell their very different stories. You’ll read about a whirlwind romance, an arranged marriage, a second marriage and a relationship seemingly written in the stars.

Through the Dark Woods (Monarch, 2006)

This is Jo’s account of battling depression from the age of 13 until she was significantly helped by therapy and medication in her mid-twenties. She looks at how it impacts our faith, our relationships, our self esteem, and reflects on how she learnt to survive.