A revolution in my kitchen

One of my current enthusiasms is a new cookbook I found a few weeks ago.  I was doing a book signing and they placed me by the cook book section, where I happily browsed for the long, quiet couple of hours that I sat there not signing books.  I think I may stop doing book signings actually, but that is by the by.

This cook book is called “The Kitchen Revolution” and it would definately kill a person if it fell on them from even a short-ish tree, because it is BIG.  It is big because it has a recipe for every night of the entire year. Each week you get a shopping list and a menu that includes one major feast, two nights of leftover-based meals, one light seasonal recipe, one meal based on stuff you have in the cupboard and one that freezes well so you can make double and have some for another time.  I am halfway through my second week and having so much fun cooking up stuff I would never have thought to do.  It is all seasonal, it is very balanced, you don’t waste any food and it works out pretty cheap.  Hooray!  Tonight we are having warm goat’s cheese salad.

I think they should pay me for the publicity, or at the very least thank me!