Broken pots and other good places to keep treasure

Yesterday I got back from a weekend away with some women from my church, about seventy in total.  The theme was treasures in jars of clay, and it really fitted with a thing I have been obsessing over lately.  This thing is how I can pursue a writing/ speaking life feeling on the one hand totally inadequate and ill equipped, and on the other a bit prone to pride and egotism.

Well, I have been talking to God and various others about this, and I think this weekend my brain finally absorbed an important truth.  It is the treasure of Christ in me that is going to enable me to be fruitful and to bring glory to him.  If I stick close to him, his spirit will produce in me the qualities that my character needs to walk this path with integrity, humility and confidence.  If Jesus is the vine, I must be a branch that is well and truly grafted on, and then this whole venture will work as it should.

And I would invite you to help me stick to that, but I am a bit worried that if you let me know I am becoming a bit cocky and arrogant, I will be crushed and give up immediately!  So maybe you could just quietly pray for me instead.