Bella Italia

I don’t want to make you jealous, but Shawn, Alexa and I have just had a truly wonderful two weeks in Italy.  If you are the sort who can rejoice in the good fortunes of others read on.  If it will just depress you to hear me gloat, then may I recommend you read on and then read my book on depression.  That way you will help fund my next wonderful holiday- many thanks, and hope you feel better soon.

We have had a week in Piacenza, and a week in Ventimiglia, and here, in list form, are the highlights:

1. Sleep

Alexa went Italian, and stayed up late, then slept late.  She didn’t get up until 9.45 the first day! This is an utter miracle.  At home a lie-in means 6am.

2. Food

Fresh tortellini, tomato and mozarella salads, melons that taste like the platonic ideal of melonness, homemade pesto, gelati, parmesan on almost everything…mmmmmmmmm.  YUM.

3.  Seeing places

My favourite places were the huge cemetery on the way to Bobbio (I like how the graves have pictures of the dead person on them), the monestary at Certosa, a wierd tumbled down village called Bussina Vecchia which was destroyed by an earthquake, and after 80 years illegally colonised by artists, and a totally unbelievably gorgeous sea side hill town called Cerva.

4. Seeing people

We stayed with a lovely family in Piacenza, and a good, good family friend in Ventimiglia, where we also got to spend time with my brother’s girlfriend (long story) and visit old friends in the south of France.  Lots of good company.

5. The Beach

I love the beach, and now Alexa does too.

6. Reading

I actually had time to read! I got through “The Star of the Sea” (GREAT novel- harsh detail about the Irish potato famine but very gripping and brilliantly written), “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian” (more interesting than the title might suggest), and a collection of love letters by well known authors.

7. Coming home!

It is good to be home.  It really is.

(I won’t make a habit of dedicating my blog entries, but this one is dedicated to the Rev P.W.  in honour of his faithful visits to this site!).