Home again

Alexa and I have just returned from a week in Provence with my mum and dad and my sister Esther and her baby, Jack.  It was the usual round of strolls around the village, coffees in the square, kir under the vine, long outdoor meals and rich conversations.  All very blissful.

But this week I met Alexa’s dark side.

Whether this was due to teething, cousin rivalry, homesickness or an early onset of the terrible twos, it was a bit of a shock to her adoring mother.  My child is not perfect!!  How could this be? Turns out she screams when she doesn’t get her own way, refuses to eat, hits and scratches, won’t share toys, says “no” more than “yes” and beelines for the worst possible trouble she could get into in any location.  She picked up cigarette butts on the street and ate them, emptied the sink cupboard on a daily basis, put her aunt’s flip flop in the compost bin and lost her grandfather’s glasses case.  I hate to think where she’s put it.

I still love her, needless to say, but temporarily motherhood is a little challenging.  I am sure this is going to be a good opportunity to work on my own character, and I am very glad to be back with the second parent to do this with.  Wish us luck!