Asking for favours

“I’m really, really sorry to ask you this.  In fact, I won’t ask.  It’s too much….”

“Okay, I will ask, but only on the condition that you say no immediately.”

“You’ll decide what you say? Okay fine.  But believe me, you’ll want to say no.”

“You’ll do it? Thank you SO much!  Wow.  That is so kind.  I am so grateful.  Please ask me to do favours for you anytime.  I really owe you.  Okay, see you on Wednesday.  Thanks again.  Bye.  Thank you.  Bye….”

That is an almost exact transcript of my end of a phone call I had this morning, and now I have someone picking me and Alexa up from the airport when we come home from visiting my parents in France next week.  I guess it wasn’t so hard in the end, but before I dialed the number, I had to find some courage and lose some dignity.  It is a difficult thing to do to ask a favour, especially when the person you ask is not in your debt.

I can’t quite bring myself to spell out the spiritual parallel, but you see it don’t you? I do.