Bear with me while I indulge in a small gripe

Today is my first day of childcare, and I have three precious hours to do some brain work (after which I will have some precious hours of time with my daughter- fear not, I am still crazy about her!).  My gripe is that the most pressing task filling this time is to get on and do some overdue book promotion.  I hate trying to promote my books!  If any of you out there want to do it for me, please let me know, and you’re hired.  I should tell you there is no salary.  That might put you off.  Hmmm.  Guess I’m stuck with the job.

This is my prayer.  That God would use my books to bless his people.  That he would guard me from egotism and insecurity.  That I would have the courage to use the gifts he has given me even when I doubt myself (which is often).  And that I would use this amazing child-free two mornings a week in the way he would want me to.  Amen.