Thoughts on the Shack

Like many others I am currently working my way through “The Shack” (I am doing my best to control my jealous rage at the author’s sales figures.  I, meanly, borrowed the copy I am reading rather than buying it as a more gracious person than I would have done).

Jealousy aside, I have mixed responses to it so far.  I am finding it strange to put faces to the father and holy spirit, and I am finding the endless abstract debates a little tedious.  I don’t find the use of language very inspiring and I found the adoration scene made me queasy rather than moved as I’m sure the author intended.

And yet, it is also giving me a real yearning to encounter God in a more vivid way in my day to day life, to muscle in between the trinity and stay there, nestled in that crazy three-oneness.  It is making me think that if I only had an awareness of God’s presence around me and in me, I really wouldn’t be afraid of anything.  I want that security that comes of knowing your dad is there holding your hand.  I remember the first days of term at boarding school, when I found it hard to sleep and I felt so alone, I used to pretend my mum was sleeping on a camp bed next to me.  Well, how much better to visualise Jesus at the end of the bed- and it wouldn’t so much as be pretending as reminding yourself of something true but concealed temporarily.

This all relates to my running how? Good question.  It relates because, since I started reading The Shack, my runs have been in the company of my creator.  I am not running with a black American mamma, but I am running with God, and that is partly thanks to this book.  So I begrudgingly add my recommedation to those you have already heard, and may we all find our way deeper into the Godhead by whatever means we have available.