Weather: There is a lot of it.

I am sitting here in jeans and a big sweater and it is early September.  By my reckoning that is too early to be cold indoors, even on this gloomy island.  The sky is dull grey, it has been dripping, tipping or drizzling for what feels like weeks on end and I for one am fed up.  I feel I am being deprived of my right to picnics on the common, tea on the front doorstep greeting neighbours as they walk by, swimming in friends’ outdoor pools, complaining conversations about how it’s too hot, and other delights of the season.  I miss the colours, the cheerfulness of people you pass on the street, the feeling that the days are long and lazy and the spaces are wide open.  In short, I am miffed.

Should I pray that God improves the situation for me and other sun-lovers? And while I’m at it, shall I get him to deal with hurricane Gustav?  I wonder if you have come accross a wonderful book called “God on Mute” by Pete Greig.  He has a little something to say about praying about the weather:

“Can God control weather systems? Of course! God is sovereign and omnipotent.  He sent rain on Noah, drought on Ahab and peace that day in Galillee [when he calmed the storm]. Meteorological miracles do take place…But if God were to calm every storm (or even most storms), the balance of creation would be thrown off-kilter with devastating implications. And so, although it is sad, there may well be crops destroyed, ships that sink, and church barbeques spoiled by the rain.” (p.146)

Okay, so maybe it isn’t as simple as all that.  And while I’ve been writing, the grey has got a shade lighter, which is encouraging.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.